About Alexis Caire

Alexis Caire was born in Mexico City, on 14th March 1980, he studied draw and paint, 1999 to 2003, with the master Yuri Oropeza and took a curse of paint in the 'Museo Universitario del Chopo', in Mexico City. He studied Communication and Public Relations, learnt photography, and software of computer. In this art, the author try present the unlimited of this software on the bias of the photography and give the possibility of show the natural, on the digital the sensation what possess a paint. Alexis Caire isn't limit to follow with the established this kind of art, but break with it and make your own digital art that not always is showed by novel. The finality of this art is that the observant public enjoy and understant it, that express every work in all its extension and arrive so far the subconscious of every person for translate to that same. Finally fit underline this artist studied more of one year in the 'Academia de Musica Fermatta'.