Create a gallery

To expose your artworks we must first create a gallery. 

Connect with your username and password to access your personal space.

Click on My Account at the top right, you get into your personal space.

Click on My artworks in the menu on the left.

You then have two tabs. Click on the tab My galleries. Once on this page, click top right on Add gallery.

Then complete the required fields. Those are needed for the validation of your gallery.

Also complete the optional fields, if desired, this allows you to put a finer point on your artwork.

Before saving your gallery you can choose between "return to the list of galleries", "add artworks in this gallery" and "stay on this page".

Select an option and click Save changes.

If you chose "return to the list of galleries" ;then you end up on the My Gallery.

If you chose "add works in this gallery", you are then redirected to the addition of an artwork.