Add an artwork

To expose your artworks you must first create a gallery. 

Connect with your username and password to access your personal space.

Click on My Account at the top right, you get into your personal space.

Click on My artworks in the menu on the left. You then have two tabs. Click on the My artworks tab.

Click Add an artwork at the right.

You then go on adding page of a artwork.First click on Choose a one or more pictures, a pop-up window opens and lets you choose from your image folder. 

Select your photo.The photo will load automatically but this may take time if the file size is big.

Repeat if you want to provide different visual of the main artwork, as a zoom or close-up.

Warning: do not add different artworks. The works must be added one by one to be validated.

Then select the gallery that you want to bring up your image:

  • If you have not created a gallery click on Create a gallery and follow the procedure explained in the previous paragraph Aid. After this step you must then repeat the procedure for adding an artork.
  • Your gallery is already created, select it.

Then complete the required fields. Those are needed for the validation of your artwork.Also complete the optional fields, if desired, this allows to find more easily your artwork.

Before saving your work you can choose between "return to the list of works", "add a work in the same gallery" and "stay on this page".

Select an option and click "save as draft" or "save and send in publication".

"Save as Draft" allows you to return to this page later if you do not have time to complete the description or if you want to make changes before sending it to be validated.

If you click "save and send in publication," Your artwork will then be submitted to the Team Art Upside to be validated or not. If validated, it will then be published and visible on the site.

If you choose "return to the list of works" when you find yourself on the "My artworks" tab.

If you choose "add an artwork in the same gallery", you are then redirected to the addition of a work.