Tips for buyers

Save your searches in your favorites

You can save at any time your search in your favorites, whether it is an artwork, an artist, either even an exhibition which interests you.

In this way, during your next visit, you will find quickly your artworks or favorite artists.

To do this, you just have to click on Add to my favorites when you visualize an artwork. You will find all favorites in your personal Space in the tab My Favorites.

You must be registered and logged in to save favorites.Registration is automatic when you have already made a purchase. However, you can join as member without having to buy

Check some elements

Before confirming the purchase of a creation, it is important to have maximum information. You should carefully check the information on delivery, payment method and insurance.

While some details are not specified or if you have any doubt, please contact the seller.

Determine what you want

Depending on what you need, determine the maximum amount you're willing to pay tobuy an artwork.In addition, some payment methods are safer than others. 

To ensure maximum protection in case of non delivery or non-compliance of the object, we recommend usingPayPal. Click here to learn more about PayPal Buyer Protection.

Manage your purchases in your Personal Space

After paying for your item, you can keep track of your purchase in tl your personal space.

You can see if your order is being prepared or shipped, and see what is expected delivery date.

To access, go to your Personal Space in the top right and select Order Tracking.