Choosing a payment method

There are several payment methods available on Upside Art. Sellers choose the payment methods they accept. These can vary from one vendor to another. Please check that the payment methods are right for you before buying an item.

Upside Art recommends never send cash payment because of the risks. If you think a seller is trying to commit fraudby forcing you to make a payment in cash only, refuse this payment.

When you're choosing a payment method, look for options that are convenient for you, secure, and traceable, just in case there's a problem. Use this information to compare payment methods.


PayPal lets you pay online quickly and securely using a credit card or bank account.

Learn more about PayPal payments.


 Payment is traceable. You can track the status of your payment using My eBay or your PayPal account.

 Payment is convenient and immediate. You pay right from the listing page and your payment is deposited directly into the seller's account.

 You don't have to use a credit card. You can transfer money directly from your bank account.

 If you use a credit card, sellers don't see your card number. It's safely encrypted through PayPal's server to help minimize any risk of unauthorized use.

 On eligible transactions you're covered by PayPal Buyer Protection for up to the full purchase price of your item, plus original shipping charges.

Credit cart

Some sellers accept credit card payments made ​​through an Internet merchant account.


 Payment is convenient and immediate. You pay directly from the listing page or email notification.

 Payment is traceable. You can track the status of your payment using My eBay or your credit card account.

 You may have some liability coverage. Your credit card company may provide a certain level of purchase protection. Contact your credit card company to learn more.


You must provide your credit card information.



√ Checks are traceable to a particular mailing address and provide proof of payment. 

√ If you run into a problem before the check is cashed, most banks offer a stop-payment service. 


 The seller will wait for the funds to clear before shipping your item.

√ It is extremely difficult to get a refund in case of fraud.

Bank transfer


√ The payment is transferred directly from a recognized bank account to another bankaccount.

√ immediate and convenient payment: The payment is transferred directly to the seller.


X It is extremely difficult to get a refund in case of fraud.

Tip: If you have any doubts about using this service, you can ask the seller's contactinformation and verify that correspond to the account in question.