Selling basics

How to add an artwork?

To add an artwork simply choose the tab My Artworks in your administration area.You must load the image or images you want to add by selecting them from your images using the Browse button.Then, for each selected image you need to fill various fields and classify your artwork to make them easily visible in searches. You can also add a description.

For each artwork, you can add one or more images so that prospective buyers can see them, especially for objects and sculptures, feel free to put multiple viewing angles.It is important to choose good images to highlight your artwork.

Feel free to postpictures of good quality, choosing a good light. We will not hesitate to send our comments if we think that the pictures chosen do not put your artwork forward. The goal of this comments are simply to improve your visits and sales.

How to sell my artworks?

To sell your artworks on Upside Art, simply register and then create an account by completing all required fields. In your profile you can then add your artwork and complement its own information such as description, size,price, add one or more images, the categories so they are easily seen and found by potential buyers...  

Upside Art valid all artwork you want to upload.

Once your artworks validated, they are integrated into the site in appropriate categories.

How is a sale made?

An Internet user see your artwork and wishes to buy it. To do this, he just has to register. Once his account is created, he can buy your artwork by clicking the button Purchase.

You will receive  a message, warning you that somebody is interested in buying one of your artworks.

You will have to confirm that this artwork is still available and that you agree to sell it to this buyer.

In case you accept the sale, an email is sent to the buyer who can then proceed to the payment of the artwork.

Once the payment made, you will have then 72 hours to send the artwork to the buyer (the address and phone number will obviously be communicated to you). You have also to confirm that the artworks has been sent on our site to prevent the buyer.

As soon as the artwork arrived at destination, the buyer will confirm also his good reception.

Here we are, you have concluded a sale!

How to highlight your artworks?

Upside Art offers to benefit from greater visibility on the site.

For this you must select the tab Increase my visibility in your administration area. 

You can then explore the various locations where your work will be highlighted. This option is not free,but we do not price differences, from the moment you choose this option, the artwork or artworks chosen randomly appear at various locations. You can choose to highlight one or more works and thus increase the number of visits to your artworks and your number of sales.

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