Resolving selling problems

We want you to be satisfied with your experience as a seller.

If you do not receive payment of a creation that you sold, here are some tips to help youresolve the situation.

Contact the buyer

Most problems can be solved by communicating directly with the buyer.

If several days have passed since you have sold your artworks and you still have not received payment, contact the buyer to know whether he intends to settle the transaction or has tried to pay for your artwork.

If the buyer tried to pay for the item, try to follow the payment via PayPal or other payment method.

Click here to see our tips for interacting with the buyer.

Contact us if the problem persists

You can report a buyer by clicking here. We will investigate the seller and then take action if necessary. However, we can not compel the buyer to meet its obligations.

If you mention your problem to the authorities, we will be happy to help in theirinvestigation.