Tips for sellers

Here are some tips to help you maximize your sales on Upside Art.

Put your artwork for sale

Photograph the artwork in a perfectly lenlightened room. The artificial light or the wide-spread natural light in a uniform way is preferable in the flash for the majority of objects. The use of a tripod can turn out useful to stabilize the camera.

Select the category, the theme and the technique. They will allow the visitors and the buyers to find your object more easily. 

Put yourselves in the place of the buyer when you draft the title and the description. What would you like to know about this artwork? What are the key points of your creation? What are the words which the buyers risk to employ to look for your object? 

Write a clear and complete description, consisted of short sentences easy to read. Mention the characteristics of the object, in particular its dimensions, the modalities of delivery and the instructions concerning the payment. You reduce the number of questions which the buyers could put you afterward.

Define the price of your creation. If you have difficulties setting the price of your work, you can consult other artworks on the internet, but the price depend in part of your reputation. You can also ask your friend to help you to determine the price of the artwork by asking them their opinions.

Communicating with buyers

To optimize your chances to find the ideal buyer, you can forbid certain members to buy your artworks, in particular according to his country of registration.

Be sure that your contact information and email address are correct and up to date. Check your personal information to make sure it is correct. Also, check that any spam blocking software you have installed doesn't prevent a buyer from communicating with you.

 If you have computer or connection problems, or need to be away from your computer, you can access your Administration Area using any computer with Internet access.

How to highlight your artwork

Upside Art offers to benefit from greater visibility on the site.

For this you must select the tab Increase my visibility in your administration area. 

You can then explore the various locations where your work will be highlighted. This option is not free,but we do not price differences, from the moment you choose this option, the artwork or artworks chosen randomly appear at various locations. You can choose to highlight one or more works and thus increase the number of visits to your artworks and your number of sales.

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