Buying internationally

Upside Art is an international community that connects you with artists worldwide. This allows you to find artist's artworks from around the world.

Communication with sellers

The site will appear in the language you selected. If you want to change the language, you can modify it in your account. 

However, the title and description of the artwork will appear in the language of the artist if it has not translated.

If you do not speak the same language of the artist, one solution is to use software to translate key phrases. Some translation services are free on the Internet, but many of them are not 100% reliable.

If you use such a service, type grammatically correct sentences to maximize the chances to have translation understandable.


Artworks prices are automatically displayed in the currency of your choice. The currencies currently available are euro, dollar and pound sterling. Note that the equivalences are approximate.

Use PayPal

PayPal is a simple and secure to pay way for your artwork. PayPal lets you send payments securely online using a credit card or bank account. When you send a payment using PayPal, the recipient won't ever see your credit card or bank account information. PayPal lets you make purchases in other currencies without worrying about exchange fees since the payment with PayPal is free regardless of the currency of the transaction.

In addition, PayPal offers an unparalleled level of protection for purchases abroad. You will find here additional information on PayPal Buyer Protection.

Shipping and customs information

The cost of shipping to your location is usually listed in the item description. However, delivery charges vary considerably internationally and for this reason, it is possible that the postage is not specified.

If the shipping cost isn't shown, contact the seller and ask about it. Buyers and sellers are responsible for meeting any customs and documentation requirements for shipping to another country. Pleasenote that customs duties were abolished in most European Union countries.

Insurance: We recommend you insure any package shipped to foreign countries if it is damaged during shipping.